Who Am I?

Suffering an identity crisis has never been so much fun. I found this game on Kim’s Korner (http://www.kimskorner4teachertalk.com/classmanagement/icebreakers.html) which has some camp standards and other games I’ve just heard of. 


Object: Figure out what character you are.

Materials: Sticky notes and pens

Area: small

Number of Participants: 8+

Set-up: Write the name of one famous person, fictional or real, (can be cartoon characters too) on a sticky note and distribute to participants without letting them see who they have. Ask them to attach it to their back or their forehead, wherever it may stick.

How To Play: Have participants mingle with each other. They may only ask three “Yes” or “No” questions from each person they meet to ensure that people get around.  The questions are to determine their identity. Once a person finds out who they are they either become a “consultant” by offering clues to the more difficult characters or they can sit out in the winner’s circle.



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