3, 2, 1

You don’t want to be in possession of the ball when the clock runs out of time. This fast-paced basketball game is just what you need to prevent one person from hogging the ball all the time.


Object: Make a basket before time runs out.

Number of Participants: 3+

Materials: Basketball and hoop

Area: half-basketball court

Set-up: None

How To Play: One person starts at the top of the key. They shoot the ball as the rest of the group counts down from three (i.e. “3, 2, 1…”). If the shooter misses, she/he doesn’t get the ball back, rather, whoever rebounds the ball may shoot from anywhere as long as it is within 3 seconds. Each time someone gains possession of the ball, they have three seconds to shoot. All other players should be counting down to make sure the shooter knows how much time is left on the shot clock. When  shooter makes a shot, they get two points, and they go to the free-throw line and have three seconds to shoot a free-throw. If they miss, play continues. If they make it, they get one point and they get to shoot from the top of the key. If they make it, they get 2 points and get to shoot again from top of the key. Play continues until they miss, all time they accrue points until they miss. There is no set amount of points to reach, so, play continues until players get tired.

If the shooter is unable to get the shot off before time runs out, their shot doesn’t count. If they still have it, they throw it in the air and let the other players scramble for it.

Variations: Also see “Tip In”


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