Here’s a fast-paced card game for two players that will draw a crowd. It’s simple to play and fun to watch. I forgot about this game until I saw some campers playing it at Camp Sunshine in Culver City.


Objective: Be the first to use all your cards.

Equipment: One complete deck of cards, minus the jokers.

Number of Participants: 2

Set-up: Players sit opposite each other at a table. Shuffle cards and deal as follows: Count out six cards to the left pile, face-down. Count out the next six cards to the right pick-up pile, face-down. Deal out 20 cards to each player. Players place their 20 personal cards in a pile directly in front of them, face-down. This is their personal draw pile. Each player then picks up the first five cards of their personal draw pile and arranges them fanned out in their hand. Players must always have 5 cards in their hand – no more, no less. When they don’t have 5 cards in their hand, they need to pick up from their personal draw pile until that is exhausted. When one player has exhausted all the cards in their personal draw pile and their hand, they win.

How To Play: On “go”,  players turn over the top card from the draw pile on their left and put it just to the right of that draw pile, face-up. There should now be 4 card piles in the middle of the table as follows: 5 cards in the left draw pile, one card face up next to it, one other card to the right of that, and 5 more cards in the right draw pile. There should also still be one personal draw pile in front of each player with 15 cards in each.

Once the first cards are simultaneously flipped and placed in the middle, the game begins. Players must put a consecutive card from their hand on top of one of the face up cards. Players can build up or down but must never skip a number or place the same card on top of another. For example, if a face-up pile has a “6”, a player can place a “5” or a “7” on top of it, regardless of the suit or color of the card. The only thing that matters is the number or face card value. Players place their cards as quickly as possible on the face-up piles, trying to exhaust their personal draw pile and the cards in their hand before the other player. Play happens quickly. When neither player is able to play a card, they must flip a “starter” card from one of the side piles to get unstuck.


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