Earth Day Relay

I played this with some younger P.E. classes one day, Kindergarten through 2nd grade, and it kept them enthusiastically engaged for a good 15 minutes each round. It happened to be Earth Day week so I stuck in the theme. Really, it is appropriate to play this anytime you need to keep a large group of campers busy. Special thanks to Coach Fletes at Farragut Elementary in Culver City for showing me this one.


Objective: Get more beanbags in your hoop than the other teams.

Area: half soccer field

Number of Participants: 20-50

Materials: 5-6 different color hula hoops; about 100 -150 plam-of-your-hand-sized beanbags

Set-up: Lay out hula hoops in a row on the ground with about 5 feet between each. Scatter bean bags in open field (farther away for older children). Divide participants as evenly as possible with at least 3 standing in a row behind each hula hoop.

How To Play: On “GO”, participants run out into the field one at a time from each team and pick up only one bean bag and bring it back, dropping it into their hula hoop. Once they have delivered a bean bag to the hula hoop, the next person in line goes out and does the same thing. Play continues in relay fashion until all bean bags are picked up. A winning team is decided by who has the most bean bags in their hula hoop.

Variation: If you have bean bags that match the color of the hula hoops, you can make the rule that each bean bag matching the color of the hula hoop is worth 2 points while all other bean bags are worth 1 point.


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