Clean Up Your Room

Working with the youngest groups of school-age children (pre-school, transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten) means you will need to play much simpler games. These games may seem like there is almost nothing to them but the children participating in these games really enjoy them, given their attention span and motor skill ability level. 

I came across this game while substitute teaching at Linwood Howe Elementary School in Culver City. 


Object: Get as many objects off of your side of the field and onto your opponent’s side.

Materials: Yarn balls or light beanbags (basically, objects that are soft enough to hit someone in the face but heavy enough to throw without rolling too far away). As a guideline, you will need about one object for every participant. Pylons or boundary markers.

Area: volleyball court or basketball court, delineated by boundary markers.

Number of participants: 10 – 50

How To Play: Divide up group into two teams as evenly as possible. “Litter” both sides with all of the playing objects. On the go signal (one long whistle) teams throw objects onto their opponents’ side, trying to clear all objects off of their own side. Balls should be thrown high in the air, not directly at opponents. Balls should be thrown in bounds, not past the opponents’ back-line. One ball per person at a time (no gathering an armful of balls). Give teams about one minute of play and then blow three short whistle blasts to end the round. If anyone throws a ball after the last whistle blast, the other team automatically wins the round. Ask players to hold up all objects nice and high to make it easy to count. Whoever has the least amount of objects on their side at the end of the round is declared the winner of that round. Start up the next round immediately after without re-adjusting the number of balls on each side.


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