Band-Aid Tag

This is a lot like Hospital Tag but much more active. Nobody gets out and, therefore, no feelings are hurt. I learned this game during a training given by PlayWorks ( 

Objective: Remain untagged for as long as you can while tagging other players.

Equipment: Pylons for boundary markers if necessary.

Area: Full volleyball court for about 20 participants. Basketball court for 20 – 50. Soccer field for 50+.

Number of participants: At least 3 – 5 minimum will make for a fun game.

How To Play: All players are “it” and are also eligible to be tagged. On “GO”, players must try to tag as many others as they can while they have at least one functioning arm. If a player is tagged once, they take their right hand and place it across their chest and on their left shoulder. This is called “single sling” position. It is a signal that a person has been tagged once. A person with a single sling may continue to tag other players as well as avoid being tagged. When a person with a single sling gets tagged a second time (must be by a different player) they take their left hand and place it across their chest onto their right shoulder. This is called the “double sling” position and it signals that this person has been tagged twice.  A person in the double sling position may not tag anyone. Rather, they must  avoid being tagged a third time. When a double-slinged person gets tagged a third time (again, not by the same person), they walk out at the nearest boundary and perform 5 jumping jacks (or toe touches or push-ups, etc.) at which point they can come back in completely cured, that is, they have no slings and are able to tag others.

The game continues until most people get tired. There is never a winner since anyone who gets tagged three times can reactivate and come back in.

Remember these rules: You are not allowed to tag the same person twice in the same round. In case of a tie, resolve the conflict with Rock,Paper,Scissors. Set a tag area on the body such as “arms and upper back area only” so nobody gets tagged in the face or private parts.

Variation: To play as an elimination game, once a person gets tagged three times, they are out.


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