Greyhound and Rabbit

And they’re off, folks. Round and round and round she goes. This offers all the excitement of greyhound racing without the side bets.

Object: Don’t be the person that ends up with both the rabbit and the greyhound.

Materials: Two distinctly different playground balls.

Area: Half volleyball court.

Number of Participants: 10 – 20.

Set-Up: Have all players sit in a circle, knee to knee. Give a ball to one of the players.

How To Play: On GO, the first ball (the bunny) gets passed around the circle clockwise. When it gets halfway around the circle, the second ball (the greyhound) is given to the same player who started with the first ball. They start off by passing the greyhound clockwise again, chasing the bunny, trying to catch up. In the meantime, the people with the bunny don’t want to get caught so they try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Once they don’t have the bunny they want to pass the greyhound on quickly so as to catch the bunny. After the greyhound has made it clockwise around the circle one time, it may switch direction and go counter-clockwise. The person who has the bunny and is being handed the greyhound at the same time, is the loser. Depending on how you want to play, this person can be eliminated or can become the ball starter in the next round.


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