Lizard’s Tail or Lizard Tag

Did you know that when lizards lose their tails they can grow a new one? Of course you did. But losing your tail in this game will get you eliminated.


Object: Be the last “lizard” with a “tail”.

Materials: clothespins or some material you can hang out of the back of your pants as a “tail”.

Area: Basketball court for a large group; half volleyball court for smaller groups.

Number of Participants: 10 – 60. Maybe more if space allows.

Set-Up: Have participants pair up with a partner, standing one person in front of the other as if they were in a line, person in back places their hands on the hips of the person in front. Person in the rear wears the clothespin “tail” on the middle of their shirt tail. If clothespins aren’t being used, strips of material should be hung out the back of their pants so that it hangs down about 12″.

How To Play: On GO, players try to eliminate other teams by pulling off their tail. The person in the front is the “tail puller” while the person in the rear must keep both their hands on their forward partner’s hips. If hands come off, they are eliminated. The one team that has stayed together (hands on hips, tail intact) is the winner.


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