Scooter Bowling

Here’s what happens when you don’t try to stop kids from playing a game the way you intended it. In the tradition of Bernie de Koven’s “Junkyard Games” and The League, I am very proud to post this game that organically happened when I had a group of kids on their Razor Boards (inline scooters) and a bunch of boundary cones. Rather than following the established route that I made with the cones, the kids kept knocking them down, so I followed their lead and this is what we invented as a group.


Object: Knock down all ten “pins” in two or less attempts.

Number of Participants: one or more

Materials: Inline scooters, ten small (12″) pylons

Area: 10′ wide 30′ – 50′ long

Set-up: Arrange cones in a pyramid shape with one at the front and four in the back (like bowling pins). Space between cones should be at least as far as the base of the cones.

How To Play: One person gets two chances each turn. On their turn, a person rides their scooter down the lane and into the cone arrangement. They must not stop or go out of the lane until they have gone through the end of the cones. A “spotter” counts the cones that have been knocked down, re-places any that have slid off their mark but were not knocked over, while the rider goes back to the starting point for their second chance to knock the rest down. Scores are kept like bowling. Play continues through ten frames per person. Highest score wins.


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