Ball Tag #2 (Holding Variation)

 A lot of camps are cracking down on dodgeball type of activities because too many kids go home unhappy when they get beaned with the ball. While I’m a firm believer in dodgeball games, especially for older kids, I can say from personal experience that nobody likes getting hit with a ball. 

Try this variation on ball tag when you want a fast-paced game. It combines tag with Kick the Can.


Object: Don’t get tagged.

Material: a soft and squishy ball that anyone can hold in one hand.

Number of Participants: Any

Area: either a nice wide open space or try it with a playground that has obstacles.

Set-up: None.

How To Play: choose someone to be IT. On GO, IT tries to tag anyone with the ball. The only thing to remember is that in order to be tagged, IT may not throw the ball at their target person, rather, they must have possession of the ball when the tag is made. Once the tag is made, the person who was IT throws the ball somewhere within the boundaries. The person who was just tagged must shag the ball and have it in their possession before they can tag anyone.


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