Rock, Paper, Scissors, Slide

Ever find yourself begging for mercy at the end of a Rock, Paper, Scissors bout? Cynthia Bailey from Culver City’s “Just 4 Kids” camp showed us this game at a recent training. At first, players thought, “Oh Brother!”. Once people started losing, those sentiments turned into an anguished “Oh no!”  The neat thing about this game is that you might win 3 in a row but the other person only needs to win at the right time to win it all.


Object: Be the last in the pair standing.

Number of Participants: 2

Area: small

Set-up: Have players stand toe to toe, left foot toe touching left foot toe. Now have players put their own right foot toe up against their own left foot heel.

How To Play: Players engage in a series of games of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner will take their front foot and place it behind their back foot, toe against heel. The loser must slide their front foot forward until their toe is touching the toe of their opponent. Play continues until one person falls over or gives up.


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