Tricky Triangle

Remember this wooden triangle mind puzzler game with fifteen holes and fourteen golf tees for markers? It has been re-purposed as a group initiative and makes for a very interesting challenge for a group of about 15 players.

I found this on a great website I want to recommend to everyone who works in teambuilding: This site is great for thousands of camp games, songs, campfire skits, stories and much more camp-related ideas.


Object: Get down to one player.

Materials: 15 poly spots or place markers arranged in a pyramid with 5 on the bottom.

Number of Participants: 15 – 20

Area: Half volleyball court

Set-Up: Arrange poly spots in a pyramid starting with 5 across the base. Keep spots about 2 – 3 feet apart from each other. Build into a perfect triangle of about 10′ -15′ per side.

How To Play: Once spots are arranged, have 15 players occupy all 15 spots. Give the team the following rules: 1) Choose one person to leave their spot and stand on the side to begin. 2) From that point on, the only movement may be done by “jumping”. 3) A legal “jump” is when one person leaves their spot, jumps past another occupied spot and lands on an open spot. 4) When a person gets “jumped” they vacate their spot. 5) Anyone may move as long as it is a legal jump to an open spot. 6) Play continues until no other moves can be made. 7) When there is only one payer left, the challenge has been met.

Notes: The group leader will need to referee to make sure only legal moves are being made. The group may become hot-headed and the leader will need to mediate. When the group cannot make a legal move and they have more than one player left over, the leader calls out to restart the game.


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