Dumping Ground

What happens when two (or more) companies who produce toxic waste happen to be neighbors? A great game breaks out! I’d hate to think that this was inspired by true events.


Object: Have less toxic waste on your property than the other company.

Number of Participants: At least 8 per team. At least two teams.

Area: Soccer field

Materials: Use about 50 – 100 or more of the same token such as tennis balls or pieces of paper wadded up into balls.

Set-up: Establish “company boundaries” by taking a 50′ rope and tying it into a circle. This will define the area for each “company”. Set each company at least 50′ apart from each other. Spread “toxic waste” evenly within the boundaries of the two “companies”.

How To Play: On “GO”, the employees of each company may take only one piece of toxic waste from their company and dump it on the other company. Once they have done that, they may go back for more toxic waste, only taking one piece at a time. At the end of a specified amount of time, a whistle is blown and play ends. All players freeze and the referee counts the toxic waste on each company lot. They must also count the employees with toxic waste in their hands. Waste on the company grounds counts as 1 point while waste in the hands of an employee counts as 2 points. The team who has the least points (i.e. the least toxic waste in their possession) wins.

Variation: Instead of 2 teams, add a third or fourth team to make it interesting. See what alliances naturally form.


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