Nuclear Tag

I grew up playing this game. It had no name at the time but I’m sure my sisters called it “Everyone Against Jimmy” because, for whatever reason, I always seemed to be on my own team trying to get whatever it was they were keeping from me. Really, it’s just another way of playing Keep Away.


Object: Keep “it” from tagging the person with the “nuclear material”.

Number of Participants: 3+

Materials: a ball or something you can toss among players.

Area: Open

Set-up: Choose someone to be “it”.

How To Play: On “GO”, “it” tries to tag everybody. When you get tagged, you become contaminated and must sit where you got tagged. To be cured, (i.e. to get back into play), a player who has the ball must pass it to you. If “it” intercepts the ball, he/she calls out “Nuclear Explosion!” and the game ends. “It” must now pick someone to be the new “it” and start a new game.


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