Wheelbarrow Tag

Getting your campers to cooperate is important if you want summer to run smoothly. This simple tag game helps them reach out to others in need.


Object: The tagger wants to tag everybody while the taggees want to remain free.

Number of Participants: 8 – 20

Area: Volleyball court size and larger.

Materials: None

Set-up: Define boundaries with visible lines so you know when someone has gone out of bounds.

How To Play: On “GO”, the person who is “it” tries to tag everybody. Whoever gets tagged, stops where they got tagged and puts both hands on the ground and one foot in the air, waiting for someone to reactivate them by “wheelbarrowing” them out of bounds (i.e. they walk on their hands while the driver holds their legs) to the boundary. If the person who is “it” tags the driver before they make it over to the boundary, then both driver and wheelbarrow are down, waiting for someone to drive them wheelbarrow style out of bounds. A driver may, in order to save themselves, abandon their wheelbarrow at any point if they feel they are in danger. there are no consequences for abandoning a wheelbarrow; it just helps them get closer to the boundary. When a wheelbarrow gets over to the boundary safely, both wheelbarrow and driver have 5 seconds of safety out of bounds but then they must come back in the boundary and reactivate. They may run around the outside of the boundary at this time in order to avoid being tagged, and the person who is “it” may chase them but may not step out of bounds to get them. If after 5 seconds a wheelbarrow or driver has not come back in bounds, they become wheelbarrows at the center of the playing field. If “it” happens to step out of bounds, all wheelbarrows are reactivated as if the game started over. Play continues until “it” has made everybody a wheelbarrow.

Suggestion: When “it” is a slow runner, appoint another person to be “it” so that there are two taggers.


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