Trash Wrangler

Sometimes picking up trash can be fun. Try this when your campers have really let their trash get out of hand.


Object: To have picked up more trash than any other team at the end of the time allotment.

Number of Participants: At least 2 per team, at least 2 teams. Best with a full camp of 50+ to get everybody involved.

Area: Cafeteria or whatever the eating area is.

Materials: Any and all objects that do not belong left behind in the eating area such as paper bags, apple cores, straws, etc.

Set-up: After lunchtime institute this game. Have one representative from each group (preferably a counselor or someone who can be impartial) stand near a trashcan  as their base with their foot touching it. Call them the “guards”. The rest of the group can be started from wherever they happen to be.

How To Play: On “GO”, all participants who are not “guards” must kick any trash they see to their group “guard”. The “guard” must stand with one foot touching the trash can and may not leave that area. As their group kicks the trash their way, the guard counts all the pieces his/her group is responsible for wrangling. Then the guard picks up each piece that is counted and stows it safely inside the trash “corral”. After 3 – 5 minutes, play ends and trash guards tell their scores. Winning team has the most trash.


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