Kick the Stick Relay

Talk about making something out of nothing… This is a typical Junkyard Game a la Bernie DeKoven. When you find stuff laying around, make a game out of it!


Object: Be the first team to complete passing the stick to all your team-mates, along a relay course.

Number of Participants: 5 – 10 per team, at least two teams

Area: full volleyball court

Materials: one “stick” per team (A stick of about 18″ long by 1/2″ in diameter will do). Broom handles work well.

Set-up: Divide up teams with half at opposite ends of a the course. Set one stick in front of starter on each team.

How To Play: On “GO”, starters kick sticks down the field to the team-mate on opposite end. Once they get it there, team-mate kicks it back to starting end. Play continues until One team has transferred the stick back and forth the pre-determined number of times.

Variation: Try kicking the stick along a relay course that is not straight or is fraught with obstacles before it is handed off to a team-mate.


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