Volcanoes and Craters

Some people like volcanoes, others like craters. Whatever your preference, this game will tire out the most energetic of campers. 


Object: Be on the team with the most discs displaying your side.

Materials: About 20 low mound pylon markers (also called disc cones). They are about 10″ in diameter, rise about 3″ off the ground and have a 2″ hole in the center. Sitting right-side up, they look like a low-lying volcano. Upside-down they look like a crater.

Number of Participants: two teams of at least 3 on each. Up to 10 on each if you have up to 50 disc cones.

Area: Half volleyball court or a circle of about 20″ in diameter.

Set-up: Place half the cones as craters and the other half as volcanoes, scattered randomly around the inside of the boundary. Divide participants up into two even teams, name one the “Vulcans” and the other the “Moonies”, and have them start around the outside of the boundary.

How To Play: On “GO”, all players go into the circle. Moonies try to turn all the discs to craters; Vulcans try to turn all the discs into volcanoes. At the end of a specified time, all players get out of the circle and the winner is determined by the team with the most discs turned in their favor.


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