Downplaying the Role of the Educator in Conflict Resolution

   The small “e” in the “R.e.S.T. Method” reminds us to downplay the role of the educator and to act more like a coach.

   Here’s a worksheet-style synopsis to illustrate the difference between an educator and a coach. In the R.e.S.T. Method of Conflict Resolution, the mediator needs to be more like a coach in order to gain respect and trust from the conflicting parties as well as to establish an atmosphere of safety. 



EDUCATOR                                                               COACH

-Educates                                                                       -Collaborates

-Didactic                                                                        -Self-discovery

-Closed-ended questions                                         -Open-ended questions

-Expert Model says (“This is the reality”)           -Coping model (“What is the reality?”)

-Sherlock Holmes                                                     -Columbo

-Gives directives                                                         -Offers examples
“Here’s what to do”                                                    “Here’s what some have done”

-Leads with thought                                                 -Leads with emotion or affect

-Teaches patterns to follow                                    -Allows students to self-discover

-Structured                                                                   -Semi-structured

-Assigns homework                                                 -Encourages personal experiments


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