Like Maelstrom combined with a Goal in mind, this game is a great mixture of different sports and the respective equipment. I found it here: http://www.junkyardsports.com/golstrom/
and have adapted it accordingly to minimize injury… Play on!


Objective: Score as many goals as possible.

Materials: Various sports equipment… in this case to demonstrate we’ll use a plastic baseball bat, whiffle ball, soccer ball, football and kicking tee, frisbee, handball and a volleyball. Use either pylons or a soccer goal to mark the goal area.

Area: At least 25′ length by 20′ width… the area appropriate for a penalty shot in soccer.

Set-up: Lay out sports equipment in order on a line parallel to the goal about 20′ away.

Number of Participants: Unlimited, however, only one Goalie at a time and one Shooter at a time may interact. All other players stay in a line in the safe zone until the equipment has been reset for the next round.

How To Play: The Shooter steps into the firing zone and delivers each piece of sports equipment as it is naturally delivered, trying to make it past the Goalie, into the goal. For example, the bat is used to hit the whiffle ball into the goal. The soccer ball must be kicked into the goal. The Football must be kicked into the goal from a tee. The frisbee must be thrown into the goal. The handball must be hit into the goal. The volleyball must be spiked into the goal.

The Goalie scores a point for each blocked or missed shot. The Shooter scores a point for each goal.

After all equipment has been exhausted, it is reset for the next player. The Shooter becomes the Goalie and the old Goalie goes to the end of the line to await their turn as a Shooter.

Variations: There are any number of variations with the equipment. For instance, instead of using a bat and whiffle ball, use a tree branch and a plastic bottle. Whatever you use, remember to be safe! These are dangerous projectiles being launched at the Goalie and could cause serious injury. Maybe back up away from the goal for harder objects. Use good judgment.



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