Balloon Relay Race

This is a nice end to the Trilogy of balloon-oriented activities.


Object: Be the first team to move your balloons down to the opposite end of the field with all balloons popped and picked up.

Materials: As many inflated 9″ balloons as you can get (at least one per participant).

Set-up: Either hand out an equal number of balloons to each participant ahead of time or have them in bags at each team’s starting line.

Number of Participants: 20+ (works well with about 10 players on each team, so you could have multiple teams depending on the number of balloons and players.)

Area: Basketball court

How To Play: Teams line up on same end of field, behind the starting line. On “GO”, first player in each line takes a balloon, places it between their legs and either hops or runs down to the other end of the field (no fair using hands on the balloon), sits on their balloon to pop it, picks up the pieces and puts it in their trash can, then runs back and tags the next player in line to go. If the balloon should come loose, the player must stop and put it between their legs before they can continue in the race. Play ends when one team has popped all their balloons at the other end and picked up their trash.

Before a winner is declared, a count must be done as follows: Count the number of balloons that were successfully shuttled to the proper end of the court. Subtract one point for each piece of balloon trash found that wasn’t successfully placed in a trash can.

Variation: Rather than having one person run down with a balloon between their legs, have two people run down together with a balloon squished between them. No fair using hands. At the other end, the balloon must be popped by the two squishing up hard against each other. This won’t work well with smaller participants.




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