Balloon Foosball

Got a big group of people who are looking to have some fun without exerting a lot of energy. This just might do it. I found this game in Sam Sikes’ Executive Marbles book. Play this game right after you have a Balloon Inflate Race, making everybody blow up 10 balloons as fast as they can.This game can transition into other games that require balloons such a Balloon Relay Race.

Object: Get as many of your team’s balloons into your goal before time runs out.

Materials: As many balloons as you can (at least 1 per participant); the largest trash can liners you have (one for each goal); pylons or rope or tape to mark the goal area.

Set-up: Blow up balloons as described in Balloon Inflate Race and pass them out to all participants in the play area. If you have three goals, you should have an equal number of three different color balloons. If you have four goals, you will need an equal number of four different color balloons. Mark a 5′ x 5′ square goal area on each end of the court that only the goalie can move around in. Hang a paper sign in each goal area to denote which color balloon goes to which goal. Line a large trash can with at least one trash can liner (if you have a lot of balloons, consider having multiple trash can liners to fill up with balloons.

Area: large. A full basketball court for a group of 60 – 100. Volleyball court for 20 – 60.

Number of Participants: 20+ (Best with 60 – 200)

How To Play: All balloons should be in the hands of players at the start. Participants scatter themselves about the play area as well and choose a space to pivot around in. On “GO”, players “bop” the balloons to their team-mates towards their goal. Players must keep one foot planted in one spot throughout the whole game (like a pivot foot in basketball). The only people who may move freely are the goalies, and they may only move within their 5′ x 5′ area. Participants “bop” the balloons (no handing or passing) towards their goal and attempt to get it to their goalie who stuffs the balloons into the trash liners. Play continues until one team has more balloons in their liners at the end of the time limit or when all the balloons are used up.

Adaptation: If there is more space than balloons you may want to designate one “floater” on each team who roams around the floor bopping their balloons towards their team-mates. Or, you may want to allow goalies to roam throughout the entire room, except for the other goalie area, so that they may push balloon towards the floor participants and get more balloons into play.


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