Help Underdog save Polly Purebred from Riff Raff. Yes, this game is based on the characters from the old Underdog cartoon. If you remember it, Underdog was much like Superman except that to change from his mild-mannered self into his super-hero identity, he had to take a pill that was in a ring he wore. Since this wasn’t a good message for kids growing up in the drug-infested 70s, they took Underdog off the air and probably replaced it with something featuring good old guns. 

This game is part of the second module in the “Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-Your-Pants” workshop.

Object: Find Polly Purebred before Underdog loses all of his super-hero powers.

Materials: Three distinctly different pebbles or buttons or tokens.

Area: Half volleyball court for groups up to 20.

Number of Participants: 10 – 20

Set-Up: Arrange group in a circle, sitting or standing. Choose one person to be Underdog who stands in the center. Give buttons to three different players in the circle (e.g. red, blue, yellow).

How To Play: This is a lot like “Hide the Button” (see post). On “GO”, players pass buttons around clockwise behind their backs. When Underdog says “Have no fear, Underdog is here”, stop passing the buttons and hold them so Underdog doesn’t know who has them. (Do not hold more than one button at a time). Underdog then chooses one player in the circle. If they don’t have a button, Underdog gets another guess until he has guessed up to three times. If he has guessed three times and no button has been discovered, then a new round of button-passing begins until Underdog counts to ten and reappears saying “Have no fear, Underdog is here”.

When Underdog chooses a person who has the red (Riff Raff) button, Underdog suffers a Consequence (e.g. have to run around the room three times singing the National Anthem). At this time, a new Underdog is chosen.

If Underdog chooses the person who has the blue (Power Pill) button Underdog gets an extra free guess and is immune to the red button only during this free guess.

If Underdog chooses the person with the yellow (Polly Purebred) button, Underdog gets to give a consequence to the holder of the yellow button (e.g. Every 2 minutes during the next game, he/she must shout out a very loud and very effeminate “SAVE ME UNDERDOG!” or “You’re so wonderful Underdog”).

When Underdog finds Polly Purebred, a new round  begins with the old Underdog choosing a new Underdog.



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