Hula Hoop Pass

Ever try one of those really frustrating group initiatives that take hours to get through? This is not one of them. Here is a low-level teambuilding exercise that will allow groups to feel successful before they try the tougher initiatives and get really frustrated.

Object: Pass the hula hoop to every person in the group without breaking the chain.

Materials: a hula hoop

Area: half volleyball court to half basketball court

Number of Participants: 10+

Set-Up: Have all participants stand in a circle holding hands. Put a hula hoop on one person’s arm before you close the circle.

How To Play: On “GO”, have participants pass the hula hoop to the neighbor on their right by stepping and ducking through it. Play continues until the hoop has gone around the circle once.

Variations: 1) Try passing it without letting it touch the ground. 2) Try to beat the clock or go for a personal best record. 3) Break large groups into two groups and have them race each other.


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