Assassin #2 (Who Is It?)

This is a variation on the game Assassin (see “Assassin” post). This version protects the identity of the culprit even more, just in case you discover that people aren’t willing to wait 5 seconds to die.

Make sure that players know how to pass a “pulse” around a circle before you play this (see “Pulse” post).

Object: Guess who the killer is before you are eliminated.

Materials: None

Area: small; half volleyball court for a large group

Number of Participants: 8-50

Set-up: Have participants sit in a circle, knee to knee. Everyone puts their left hand behind their back, palm out. Everyone puts their right hand into the left hand of the neighbor on the right.

How To Play: One player is secretly chosen to be “it”. They pass a pulse around the circle with “x” number of squeezes. Let’s pretend that the assassin passed a pulse of 7 squeezes to their neighbor. Instruct players to count the number of pulses they receive and pass it on minus one pulse. Each subsequent person who receives a pulse will pass on the pulse they receive, minus one, until a person receives one pulse only. If a player receives one pulse, they are eliminated.

Since the object is to guess who the assassin is, only players who have not yet been eliminated may guess who the assassin is. If a player guesses wrong, they are eliminated.


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