Zombie Threat

Will the earth return to its Human state or will complete Zombification occur? Here’s another great game to play before people really have a chance to get to know each other. It’s silly and it’s not competitive so your shy campers will not mind getting involved.


Object: To end up with all participants either being zombies or humans.

Materials: None.

Area: half basketball court

Number of Participants: 15 – 50

Set-up: Clear an area of all obstacles and establish boundaries.

How to Play: All players walk around within area blindfolded [or on the honor system with their eyes closed] arms out in front of them so they don’t hurt each other when they meet. It may help to make scaredy-cat whimpering noises so they can hear one each other approaching. When a Human bumps into another person, they greet the other with a loud “WHEW!” Nothing happens when two Humans bump into each other; they continue being Human and go on milling about blindly inside the boundaries.

One Zombie is quietly chosen by the leader with a secret pat on the back. The Zombie also walks around blindfolded but when he/she bumps into another person he/she yells out “BRAINS!” really loud. This changes the Human into a Zombie. So, Zombies are changing Humans into Zombies but, there is a good thing… When two Zombies greet each other, they turn each other into Humans. Play continues until the entire group has been returned to their Human state or Zombified forever.


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