This game will help quiet people come out of their shell a little bit. People get to ham it up and will feel more comfortable by doing silly things in front of a large crowd. This game is also known as “The Tick” in camping circles.

Object: To not let the virus infect you.

Materials: Clothespin, (brightly colored)

Area: n/a

Set-up: Make a list of up to 20 silly “tasks” such as “Run around the room three times and squawk like a chicken”, “Everytime you talk with someone, look one foot to their right”, “Every 5 minutes shout out “YES!” as loud as you can”, “Speak like a robot when it’s your turn to talk”. Explain rules to campers at the beginning of the day.

How To Play: This game can take place over the course of a day. At the beginning of the day explain this to your campers:

“A nasty “virus” has been detected by the CDC. This is what the virus looks like [hold up clothes pin]. Every so often during the day there will be a check to see  if someone is infected. When you hear the words “Virus Check” you should freeze in your tracks and check for a virus. Whomever is wearing the virus at that time must complete a task to inoculate themselves from it. If you discover you have the virus, you must pass it on to an unsuspecting recipient before the virus check. Remember who you passed it to in case we will need to follow the path of the virus. You may not pass the virus once the virus check has been called.”

With that, the leader will covertly place the “virus” on an unsuspecting camper at some point during the day. Every 30 minutes or so, the leader should call out “Virus Check”. The camper with the virus must perform the inoculation task for the next hour while the cure takes effect.


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