Snail Round-up

Here’s a way to get a large group gathered in a tight, organized group that’s ready to listen.


Object: To get your campers used to being close together in a way that makes it easy to listen to instructions.

Materials: None

Number of Participants: 8+ (Works well with up to 50).

How To Play: Tell the entire group to fall in behind you in a single file line as you walk. When everyone has gotten in line behind you, start to make a big circle about the room. As you come close to the last person in the line, make sure you lead the line inside that circle so you can get a tighter and tighter group. As the leader, you want to end up in the middle with the entire group wrapped around you, like a snail’s shell. At this point, you can give clear directions to your next activity without needing to yell.


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