Name Roulette

Here’s a great game when you need groups to get to know each other. Rohnke and Grout are credited with this game from their book “Back Pocket Adventure”.


Object: Be the group to end up with all the players in your circle.

Number of Participants: Minimum 20, Maximum 50.

Area: Half basketball court size

Materials: None.

Set-up: Split group into two. Have both groups form their own circle, facing inward and holding hands.Place circles next to each other so that one person from each circle is back-to-back.

How To Play: On “GO”, both groups spin in a clockwise rotation until the word “STOP” is called out. At STOP, the two people who end up back-to-back must turn around to face each other. The first person to call out the other’s name is the winner of this battle. The loser of the battle joins the winner’s circle. Play continues until one circle has all the players.


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