Pairs Clothespin Tag

This tag game was inspired by the book “99 of the Best Experiential Corporate Games We Know” by Priest, Sikes and Evans, 2000. I took a couple of their tag game ideas and blended them together to come up with this new tag game. 


Object: Eliminate all other pairs of players by pulling the clothespin off of them.

Materials: Clothespins, one for each person. (If you don’t have clothespins you can create a tail out of paper or string to tuck into clothing).

Number of Participants: At least 10.

Area: Medium to large, depending on number of participants.

How To Play: Everybody holds hands or link arms with one partner. Attach clothespins (or flags) in a conspicuous spot. On “GO”, try to take the clothespin off of other pairs. If your pair loses both of their clothespin, you sit down right where you are to create an obstacle (we call these obstacles, “mushrooms”). Play continues until only one pair is left with at least one of their clothespins.

Variation: “Mushrooms” can reactivate… To make the game more interesting for the players who have become mushrooms, try this…  If a mushroom acquires the clothespin of an active pair, that mushroom can get back in the game (or reactivate). A mushroom can reactivate either by taking a clothespin off of an unsuspecting active pair or a generous active pair with two clothespins can give up one of theirs on purpose. Note: Mushrooms may not stand up or leave their spot until they are reactivated so, if you are allowing mushrooms to reactivate, have all players wear their clothespins at their wasteline.


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