Walk the Plank

My daughter’s Pirate and Princess-themed birthday party needed some appropriately disguised games so I thought of adding this game to the fun. I’m sure this game already exists as “Chicken” or some other name. 

Object: Knock your opponent off the “plank”.

Materials: anything that could serve as a “plank” such as a strip of cardboard or an open newspaper. Make sure it is large enough for two people to stand on about arms distance apart.

Area: Small. The size of a desktop.

Number of Participants: 2 at a time

How To Play: Have two opponents stand on the plank facing each other. At “GO”, they try to bump each other off the plank. Winner is the one who is left standing on the plank without stepping off. If both step off the plank, the game is replayed until a final winner is declared.

Note: This could get rough so you may want to limit how the opponents are allowed to interact. For example, you can say “no using arms” or “butts only may be used” (see “Butt Out”) or you may want to have them crouching down on their haunches (baseball catcher’s position) so their balance is already compromised.


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