Battle Odds and Evens

This game is similar to “Running With Scissors” but, instead of playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with a two-way battle, you will need enough players for a three-way battle. This game is ideal for larger groups and getting groups to mix it up in a friendly manner.


Object: Get all the players in one line by taking the other lines players.

Number of Participants: 18 – 36 split up into three teams… 6 – 12 on each team.

Materials: None.

Area: About as large as half a volleyball court.

Set-Up: Divide up 3 teams as evenly as possible. Have the first person in each line stand facing the two other line leaders so that the three of them form a small circle. Have the teams line up behind their leader so that it ends up looking like a 3-armed starfish from above.

How To Play: Line leaders say “1-2-3-Throw” and on “Throw” they put out either one finger or two fingers. No other fingers are allowed. If all three have thrown out the same number of fingers they do the 1-2-3-throw part again until one person of the three has thrown something different than the others. In other words, two people will have thrown a 1 while the “odd-man-out” threw a 2. The odd-man-out is actually the winner in this case. The other 2 get in line behind the odd-man-out, thereby adding players to his arsenal. Players go through this again and again until only two teams are left. When two teams are left, they switch from Odds and Evens to Running With Scissors (see post). In this part, the loser of a Rock, Paper, Scissors battle joins the winner’s line until there is one declared winning line with all the players.


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