This is a simple game to teach since it’s based on a classic: Rock, Paper, Scissors. In this game, the winner is the first to climb to the top of the evolutionary ladder. If you’re in a Science Camp, this would be a totally appropriate game.

Object: Be the first to climb to the top of the evolutionary ladder by becoming an Alien.

Materials: None.

Set-up: Match everyone up with a partner to start off.

Area: Enough to accomodate the participants walking around… a 10′ x 10′ area will easily accommodate a small group. Larger groups of up to 50 can play if there is a large room or field.

Number of Participants: 8 – ? (I am not sure how this game would be for a group any larger than 20. If you find out, let me know.)

How To Play: Everyone starts off as an “Protozoa”. On “GO”, participants play Rock, Paper, Scissors with each other, best out of 3. The winner gets to evolve to the next level and move on to play someone else who has also evolved to the same level. The losers get to pay others who haven’t evolved yet. You may only play against people who are at your level. Eventually there will be two people competing to become Aliens. Sometimes there is more than one pair competing to become Alien. The first one to become an Alien, wins.

The levels proceed as follows: Protozoa, Sponge, Fish, Reptile, Monkey, Neanderthal, Homo sapiens, Alien. (You may want to make up your own progression of evolution such as Egg, Chicken, Dog, Ape, Human, Alien).


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