Hide the Button

Here’s a nice quiet circle game that is a standard among day camps.

Object: Find out who has the “button”.

Materials: a button or any other small object that can easily be hidden in a child’s hand.

Set-Up: Get group to sit in a tight circle.

Number of Participants: 5 – 20.

How To Play: Choose one person to be the “seeker”. They will sit in the middle (or mushpot) and try to guess who has the button once the rhyme has ended. One person in the circle is given the button. They put it behind their back and, when the rhyme begins, they pass it to the person to their left. The button keeps getting passed until the rhyme stops. When it stops, whomever has the button holds onto it. Everyone in the circle pretends that they have it. The person in the mushpot tries to guess who has it. Once they have guessed correctly they are out of the mushpot and back in the circle. The person who had the button then goes to the mushpot. After three incorrect guesses the mushpot person picks someone from the circle to be in the mushpot.


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