You Can’t See Me

This is the lazy man’s version of Hide and Seek. I thought of this while playing with a group of preschool age kids on a park. They like to hide in pain sight so I tried to make it harder on myself while I looked for them. With that being said, this game is probably best played with really young campers who aren’t good at hiding or for very small playing areas. 

Object: Find all the campers who are hiding.

Area: Playground area with lots of bulky equipment and trees to hide behind, but not so large that there are buildings in the way.

Equipment: None.

Set-up: None.

Number of Participants: Unlimited as long as you know how many people need to be found.

How To Play: This plays like regular Hide and Seek with a few exceptions. The person doing the counting and seeking may not, initially, leave the base they are counting from. They may only pivot with one foot as in basketball. They must look for campers from that spot and call out in a nice loud voice, “I see you [name]”, when they see someone. As people are found, those found players come and join the “pivot chain”. That is, the last camper becomes the “pivot spot”, holding one foot in place, while the seeker pivots off of them in a human chain that is ever-increasing.

In other words, let’s say the seeker finds ten campers and has ten more to find. The last camper is anchoring at the original pivot spot while all the other “found” campers are attached holding hands in a human chain with the seeker on the long end, looking for the other hidden campers. So, they have a lot more area they can move around in as they find people to add to the length of their chain.

Play continues until all campers are found. Last camper found, chooses a new seeker.


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