Yeti Hunt

In the frozen North, or maybe the South, (nobody knows for certain), a team of intrepid explorers are hot on the trail on the elusive Yeti, the so-called “Abominable Snowman” or Bigfoot of the Ice. What they know for sure is that the Yeti exists. What they don’t have is evidence. 

I came up with this game specifically for my “Fly-By-the-Seat-of-Your-Pants” workshop. 

Object: To provide proof of the elusive Yeti.

Materials: None.

Number of Participants: 8 – 20

Area: An area with pre-existing defined boundaries like a half-volleyball or half-basketball court.

Set-up: Choose a Yeti. Have all other participants stand in a circle around the Yeti with their eyes closed. Place about 5 stickers on the Yeti’s shirt.

How To Play: On GO, all players open their eyes and try to notice as much as they can about the Yeti in ten seconds. During that time, the Yeti must run around within the circle, trying not to let the participants get a good idea of what he/she looks like. In other words, the Yeti is jumping and shaking and trying to be a blur. They may not cover up any of the stickers that are placed on them. After ten seconds, all players close their eyes again while the Yeti leaves the room or hides behind something. The first player to identify all five stickers the Yeti was wearing, wins and becomes world famous for positively identifying the legendary Yeti.

Variation: Many camps do not allow pictures of their campers being taken. It makes sense these days. If your camp does allow it and you have a smartphone available that takes pictures, try this variation:

Each camper in the circle gets 10 seconds to try and snap the best picture they can of the Yeti. The person who has snapped the clearest picture of the Yeti wins.


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