Touch the Trash

This might be the only game that makes campers OK with picking up trash. Not a lot of set-up is required here. And all you need is something that is abundant everywhere you go!

Object: Make one of the people in the circle touch the identified piece of trash.

Materials: A piece of trash on the ground.

Area: Enough to accommodate your group in a circle that is moving around vigorously.

Set-Up: None.

Number of participants: 5 – 14

How To Play: Gather your group in a circle, holding hands, around a piece of trash that is on the ground. The leader should identify that piece of trash just in case there are many pieces of trash on the ground. At “GO”, participants jostle each other, trying to force someone to touch the piece of trash. When someone touches it, they are responsible for picking it up and throwing it away unless, of course, the circle wants to play again.


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