Yep. I watched the entire Harry Potter series and tried to understand the game of Quidditch in order to translate it to a playground game. Different than the Quidditch described in the HP series, attaining the Snitch doesn’t mean your team wins. I thought “What’s the point of playing if only the Snitch decides who wins?”.  In this version of the game, the Seekers can enhance the Field score by their actions, but they don’t necessarily win the game when they find the Snitch. Instead the game ends and we start totalling points. 

This is dedicated to those people who can actually pretend they are riding around on broomsticks playing at Hogwarts. This game requires a lot of advance preparation and set-up. It is totally worth it. Try it out and let me know if there are some tweaks that would make it better.

Object: To be the team with the highest score at the end of the match.

Materials: 2 trash cans; 6 tall pylons; 6 tennis balls; one playground handball; one small superball; index cards with the “7 Feats” written on them as described in the How To Play section; two pencils; two large pieces of bubble gum; 10 Ritz or saltine crackers; something to keep score with.

Area: For a smaller game of 5-on-5, use a basketball court. For a larger game of up to 10-on-10, use a soccer field.

Set-Up: On opposite ends of the field, mark a 10 ft. diameter area as the “Goal Box”. This is where you will set up one Major Goal and two Small Goals in the following manner: Place an upside-down trashcan in the middle of the Goal Box. Set one pylon on top of it and balance one tennis ball on top of that. This is your Major Goal. Then, set up two Small Goals (one tennis ball balanced atop a pylon) about 5 feet apart on either side of the Major Goal. This “goal box” is off limits to all players, except the goal keepers. Write down the 7 Feats of the Seeker on index cards and prepare the Feats as necessary. Choose your teams and assign your positions: Goal-keeper, Seeker, and the rest of the Field Players.

Number of Participants: 10 – 20, depending on the size of the field.

How To Play: Two things happen when play begins.

First, the Game Ball (Bludger?) is tossed high up into the air at midfield (Starting Toss). Field Players are after  this ball. They want to knock down one of the goals on the opponents team with it. When that happens, the goal is re-set and the Referee performs a Starting Toss from mid-field. Field Players may only possess the ball for 5 seconds at a time. Before that time runs out they need to pass the ball, preferably to one of their team-mates. If they violate the 5-second rule they must do a Witches’ Pass (throw the ball high and straight up into the air from where they stand). Anyone doing a Witches’ Pass may not catch the ball when it comes down. If a person is tagged by an opponent they must do a Witches’ Pass.

The Second action that is happening as the Field Game is going on is that Seeker’s must complete the 7 Feats to unlock the Map that leads to the Snitch. These 7 Feats include 3 Feats of Strength (3 laps around the field, 50 sit-ups, 20 push-ups), 3 Feats of Intellect (solve a long division problem, add a list of 20 numbers together, solve a riddle by asking up to 20 questions), and 1 Feat of Bravery (eat 5 crackers then blow a bubble with bubble gum). Once the Seekers have completed all Feats to the best of their ability, the Map to the Snitch is released and players have up to 30 seconds to find it. Play ends when the Snitch is attained by a Seeker.

Scoring for Field Players:

3 points per Small Goal; 5 points per Major Goal

Scoring for Seekers:

Strength (100 possible pts. as follows): 10 points per lap, up to 3 laps; 1 point per sit-up, up to 50 pts.; 1 point per push-up, up to 20 pts. (Note:

Intellect (50 possible pts. as follows): 10 points for addition problem; 20 points for the long division problem; 20 question riddle: count how many questions were asked and subtract from 20, (e.g. 17 points if they get the answer after only asking 3 questions);

Bravery:  (0 points): Unlocks the Map to the Snitch.

Attainment of the Snitch: up to 30 points.

The Map to the Snitch is a direct command to “Go to this place and look in…”. It should take them less than 10 seconds to be able to read the Map and run to the Snitch hiding place. When the Map to the Snitch is given, the ScoreKeeper says “GO” and time begins to tick away. The Seeker has 30 seconds to find it. They get awarded the number of points for the Attainment of the Snitch, based on how long it took them to find it (i.e. 30 possible points minus 12 seconds to attain it = 18 Snitch points).

End Tally: Once the Snitch has been attained, all play ends and all points are tallied. The winnning team is the one with the most points; it may not be the one that found the Snitch.

Strategy: Finding the Snitch does two things: it ends the game and it awards a few more points to the Seeker who found it. Field Teams should try to score as much as they can while Seekers complete as many of the Feats as they are able. Knowing the score and projecting the outcome may make a Seeker decide to not complete all the Feats and get right to the Snitch.


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