Name A Game

Looking for a game idea when you’ve just about played them all during the day? This game will conjure up a wicked amount of ideas for you. And all you have to do is play… As an added bonus, this game will help your campers remember everyone else’s name in their group.

Object: Stay in the middle of the circle as long as you can.

Area: An undefined area large enough to accommodate your group sitting or standing in a circle.

Materials: A token object that can be easily passed around the circle quickly.

Set-up: Get group in a circle, sitting or standing, with one person in the middle.

How To Play: On “GO”, the object starts getting passed around the circle. The person in the middle with their eyes closed says “STOP” at some point. Whoever has the object holds it up and says their name out loud (e.g. “Andy!”). Once they have uttered their name, they pass the object clockwise around the circle as fast as they can. The person in the middle must name a playground game (i.e. not a video game) that begins with the same letter sound as the person who called out their name*. They must name a game before the object makes it all the way around the circle. The game they name must not have already been named before. If they can do this, they get to stay in the middle of the circle. If they can’t do it, they are replaced by the person on the circle who called out their name.

Example: The object gets passed around and stops on Andy. Andy calls out his own name and passes the object. The person in the middle calls out a game named “Alligator Wrestling” before the object makes it back to Andy. The person in the middle stays in the middle.

*If a person named Ximena calls out her name, the sound of the “X” in her name sounds like an “H”, so the person in the middle has to name a game that starts with the letter “H”.


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