Mission Bombardment

Take the standard playground version of Bombardment and add targets. What do you get? This game will decrease the number of players who feel bad about having to sit out on the sidelines.

Object: Knock down the other team’s “target/s” before they knock down yours.

Number of Players: At least 4 players on each side. Up to 20 on each side is manageable.

Area: A tennis court with the net is ideal but not absolutely required.

Materials: At least 5, but no more than ten, gator balls or handballs; at least one pylon on each side (three per side is ideal); enough tennis balls to balance on top of each pylon. (If you don’t have pylons and tennis balls, use toilet paper or paper towels rolls instead.)

Set Up: Divide up the teams evenly and send them to opposite sides of the court. Set up “targets” (tennis balls balanced on top of pylons or TP rolls) around the in-bounds area of the court. Give each team an even number of balls to start with.

How To Play: On “GO”, play proceeds as in Bombardment. While the objective in classic Bombardment is to get the other team’s players out, the object of Mission Bombardment is to knock down the other team’s targets. Just like in classic Bombardment, if a ball hits a player before it hits the ground, they sit out on the sidelines. If a player on the other team catches a ball thrown at them, the thrower sits out. The difference in Mission Bombardment is that players try to defend their targets so they don’t get knocked down. At the same time, they don’t want to get hit by the ball. If a player knocks over their own target, that target is down.

The team with all of their targets knocked down, whether by their own doing or by the other team, is the loser.


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