Speed Mingle

I just dreamt this one up. If it already exists then that’s just a coincidence. This game will allow people who are just getting to know each other the chance to try on a different personality while mixing with others. It will help to break down some of the shyness barriers.


Object: Match the personality traits with the personalities.

Area: Enough room for all participants to walk around comfortably.

Number of Participants: No less than ten, no more than 24.

Materials: scraps of paper with personality traits written down from this website (http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_personality_traits), separated and put into a hat or bowl.

Set-up: Participants draw one personality trait from the bowl, remember it and puts it in a separate DRAW bowl so that we know these are the personalities in play. Do not tell or show anyone what you’ve drawn.

How to Play: Players walk around the area silently mingling one at a time with all the other participants acting out only the personality trait they were given. For example, a humble person will greet each person they encounter with an air of humility. Time is up when it looks like everyone has had a chance to mingle with everyone else. At the end, the group tries to place the personalities in the DRAW bowl with the person who acted it out.

Adaptation: Try playing by dividing a larger group into two teams, have them face each other and at GO each person gets to spend 10 seconds with the person in front of them. After 10 seconds, the moderator gives the signal to SWITCH to the next person down the line. Play continues until everyone has had a chance to meet one time face-to-face, just like speed dating. At the end, players on each team try to match the personality traits from the DRAW bowl with the people on the other team. The team with the most correct guesses wins.


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