I was hiking around Moss Beach, just below the San Francisco Bay, when I came upon a family playing a game I’d never seen before. I asked them to tell me about it and discovered they had invented it. So, here’s a dedication to Diegmar Schlecht and family. Thank you for taking the time to tell me as much as you knew about this game. I haven’t had the opportunity to test it out on a live group yet so I will probably edit in some improvements at a later date. Then again, if any of the Schlecht family wants to post a comment, please do. It is, after all, the game you invented. BTW – I would love to hear about the game “Zorch” that you mentioned.

Number of participants: 5 – 10

Area: A figure “8” the size of a half-volleyball court. This game was being played on a beach but it can be adapted to hard-top if you draw very noticeable and large figure “8” with chalk.

Equipment: a way to make a figure “8” about 20′ – 30′ long. If playing on a beach, have participants tramp a path in the sand that is easily noticeable. Use chalk if on hardtop.

Object: Try to get from one end to the other of the figure “8” as many times as you can without getting tagged.

How to Play: This is a lot like Line Tag only with more of a mission. Think of this as a game of Sharks In the Water, only on land, with very strict boundaries. It is also like the game of Pickle only with no equipment.

All participants must stay on the figure “8” path lines. Players start opposite the person who is “it” on the far ends of the figure “8”. When the game begins, players try to get to the other end of the 8 and go back and forth after that as many times as they can. If they get tagged, they are “it”. Once they tag someone, they go back to “back and forth” mode. Play never stops until everyone gets tired.

Remember these key points: Nothing is safe. When you get tagged, you are “it”. There are no “tag-backs”, that is, when you get tagged, you cannot immediately tag back the person who tagged you. Participants keep track of the number of times they reach the far end of the figure “8” during game play.

As far as I know, this is  all there is to it. I posted a game called Line Tag that is essentially the same game only it is played on the lines of a soccer field with up to 50 players.

Adaptation: Try it with teams. Is there a way to play this like “Freeze Tag”?


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