Pass the Prize

I learned of this game at a birthday party. I thought we were going to play Hot Potato but, to my delight, I learned something new.

Object: Be the person to end up with the nicely wrapped present.

Area: Small. Enough room for all participants to sit knee to knee.

Materials: A gift that is wrapped in nice paper and a bow. Something to play music on that can be easily paused and started.

Set up: Wrap a prize in nice wrapping paper and a bow. Now, wrap that nicely wrapped gift in a layer of newspaper. Wrap it again in another layer of different colored or textured paper. Continue to wrap several layers of distinctly different papers until the prize is covered in about 8 layers.

How To Play: When the music starts, the prize gets passed clockwise¬†around the circle. The the music stops, the person who is holding it will take off one layer of wrapping. Once the new layer is exposed, the music starts again and the prize is passed around until the music stops again. Play continues this way until one person unwraps the final “fake” layer of wrapping to reveal the nicely wrapped gift. The person who unwraps the last “fake” layer, wins the prize.


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