Hot Potato

I think this game has been played at every birthday party I’ve ever been to. Now, my daughter gets to play it at all the parties she goes to…

Object: Be the last person left in the game who hasn’t been stuck with the “hot potato”.

Area: Small. Enough to accommodate all players sitting in a circle, knee to knee.

Participants: At least 3, but it’s much more fun when there are at least 8.

Materials: One “hot potato” represented by a ball or a stuffed animal. Something to play music on that can be started and paused easily.

How To Play: All participants sit in a circle, knee to knee. One person holds the hot potato. When the music starts, the hot potato is passed around quickly to each player. When the music stops, the person holding the hot potato at that moment, is out. Play continues until one person is left.


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