Soccer Crabs

I witnessed this game in action during my daughter’s soccer practice with AYSO.

Materials: One soccer ball per participant.

Number of Participants: At least ten

Area: For 10 -20 players, outline an area about the size of a volleyball court. For more players, make the area larger.

How To Play: For every 5 players, choose one to be a “crab”. Crabs will crawl in a crab-walk fashion trying to kick the soccer balls out of the boundary. All other players try to keep their soccer balls from being kicked out of  bounds by the crabs. Players and crabs are only allowed to use their feet to accomplish their task. When a player gets their ball kicked out of bounds by a crab, or they lose control of their ball and it goes out of bounds, that player is eliminated and must either wait outside the boundary or they can become a crab, trying to kick the remaining players balls out of bounds. Play continues until there is only one player left.


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