Knot, or Not?

This is a quick group initiative and ice breaker in one. I learned it at a teambuilding exercise at Fulcrum Adventures Ropes Course in Culver City.

Materials: one rope at least 20 feet long, the longer the better.

Number of Participants: one leader and at least 5 participants.

Area: Small. Maybe 5′ x 5′ is all you need.

Objective: Determine if the rope is in a knot or not.

How to Play: Participants leave the leader alone to arrange the rope in the area provided. The leader twists the rope around on itself and arranges it so it is hard to follow from one end to the next. When the leader has completed the task, the participants are called over. Participants may not touch the rope. They will try to determine if the rope will be knotted if they were to pull it out from both ends. Once the participants come to a consensus, they tell the leader their answer of whether pulling on the rope would result in a knot, or not.


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