Water Balloon Tether Ball

I came across this game in the June/July 2011 edition of Disney Family Fun magazine on p.19.
This game is great for a hot day on the park when the kids won’t mind getting a little wet.
Materials: broom handle or post (4 – 5 feet tall); yarn or string (about 3-4 feet); medium-sized balloon; pump water sprayers; water.
Set-up: Sink broom handle into the ground so stays upright during play. Tie string to the top (you may need to use a tack to keep it at the top). Fill a water balloon with only about 1 Tablespoon of water to add a small amount of weight. Tie Balloon to dangling end of string to create tether ball. Fill spray bottles with water.
Object: Same as regular Tether Ball >>> wrap the ball around the post to win.
Number of Players: 2
How To Play: Each player is given a water bottle and stands or kneels facing each other on different sides of the tether ball post. On “GO”, each player tries to make the balloon go around the post their way. One player must make the ball go around the post clockwise, the other player tries to make it go counter-clockwise. Play ends when one player is out of water or the balloon has reach a pre-determined number of wraps around the post.
Adaptation: Don’t have water sprayers? That’s OK! Have participants blow the balloon in their direction instead. You probably won’t need to add water to the balloon if you do it this way. Watch out for spit! Yuck!!

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