Musical Hoops

A variation on Musical Chairs where nobody gets eliminated and no chairs slide out from under anyone! I saw my daughter play this game at My Gym, which is a great place for kids to get active and learn some basic gymnastic moves. This game helps groups lose their inhibitions about touching or getting too close to people they don’t know.

Object: Find a way to accommodate everyone in the group into as few hula hoops as possible.

Materials: Enough hula hoops to accommodate the number of players. Radio or music source.

Area: Depending on the number of players, a small room should be fine for this activity.

How To Play: Place hula hoops on the ground, apart from each other so there is enough room for participants to walk or dance around them. When the music starts, all participants walk or dance around the room being careful not to enter a hula hoop. When the music stops, all participants find a hula hoop to stand inside. You don’t need to have one hula hoop for everyone as in musical chairs. The idea is to get participants to share their space.

When the music starts again, one hula hoop is taken away and play resumes. Each time, a hula hoop is taken away and the participants will need to find ways to get everybody inside the confines of the hoops that remain when the music stops. Groups will need to be creative in order to fit all participants into less and less hoops.


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