Cellphone Treasure Hunt (w/ multiple phones)

Playing with multiple cell phones can add a whole new dimension to the one-phone version of this game.

Objective: Find all the hidden cell phones by following the clues to the next spot.

Area: You will need multiple rooms and spaces– preferably one room for each cell phone.

Materials: up to 10 cell phones

How To Play: Prepare the game by hiding all the cell phones and leaving notes or text messages with each one that describes an area where the next cell phone will be found.
Once the game is prepared, the first cell phone is called. When the team finds the cell phone, they read the clue that leads them to the area where the 2nd cell phone is hidden. The clue also contains the 2nd cell phone number so the group can call it when they get to the new area. Play continues until all cell phones have been found. A big prize should be hidden with the last cell phone.

Don’t forget to return all the cell phones to their original owners. This game can quickly turn bad if even one cell phone is misplaced or stolen. Counselors should make sure their campers are responsible enough to play this game.


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