Tech Scavenger Hunt

We were playing Picture Scavenger Hunt at a training for Culver City PR&CS Department in June 2010. We used to play this with polaroid cameras but now, since everyone has a cellphone with a camera, it steamlines the game. Eric Baker, one of the trainees, molded the Picture Scavenger Hunt into this new game, using all the latest technology available on your cellphone.

Materials: list of items to find, cellphone with camera and internet access

Area: none

Objective: score the most points from the scavenger hunt list

How To Play: Just like Picture Scavenger Hunt, team up or play every-person-for-yourself. A list of objects is given to each team. Teams find pictures of each item either by taking a real-life picture or by downloading a picture.

When you make the list of items, make sure some items that are harder to find have a higher point value. Here’s a sample list:

-something with three legs (1 pt.)
-something that is red and white (1 pt.)
-a car that can go faster than 150mph (1 pt.)
-an invertebrate (2 pts.)
-a gastropod (2 pts.)
-a plant that contains xanthophyll (2 pts.)
-an example of Einstein’s theory of Relativity (3 pts.)
-a nonagenarian (2 pts.)
-something that holds dentures in place (2 pts.)
-a rotten tooth 2 (pts.)
-a car chassis (2 pts.)
-a smashed television (3 pts.)
-last year’s Kentucky Derby winner (3 pts.)
-truth (5 pts.)


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